Ruben Mangasaryan exhibition

April 21, 2012

By founding the Patker photo agency he did a great job by bringing together people and making good photo reporters from them. Many of his students work for international media companies. Ruben loved his job. He was attentive to any details. Even when talking to people he was slightly smiling like he could see and capture everything in the souls of people with his inner professional “photo camera”.

Such people are hardworking and live every minute of their lives. One needs to be talented to live like him. Ruben Mangasaryan was very talented and handsome. The photojournalist will need people like him for a long time because there are things behind the curtains that can be discovered only by the looks and captured pictures of talented people. Some of his pictures are shown herein.

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As a result of Nagorno Karabagh confrontation, 22 years ago, several 100s thousands of Armenian refuges from Azerbaijan settled in Armenia. In spite of past years they have never been able to find peace.

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